About the Department

The Department of Business Administration at our institution is a dynamic hub of learning and professional development. Established in the academic year 2018-2019, our BBA program has rapidly expanded, initially starting with a strength of 40 students and now accommodating 72 students each year since 2020. Our focus is on delivering a comprehensive education that prepares students for the intricacies of the corporate world.

Faculty Excellence:

Our department boasts a team of six dedicated faculty members, among whom five hold doctoral degrees. These experienced professionals are committed to providing students with not just theoretical knowledge but practical insights drawn from their extensive industry exposure and academic expertise.

Industry Integration:

We strongly emphasize real-world exposure. Regular industrial visits are organized to provide students with firsthand insights into various business environments. Additionally, our ‘Meet the Executives’ program allows students to interact with industry leaders and business owners, enabling them to glean invaluable experiences and insights from these interactions.

Online Skill Development:

To ensure our students are well-prepared for the job market, we participate in the NAAN MUDALVAN SCHEME by the Government of Tamil Nadu, offering online job-oriented programs. These initiatives align with our commitment to equipping students with practical, in-demand skills sought by employers.

Curriculum and Technology Integration:

Our curriculum is designed to be contemporary and forward-thinking. We cover a wide array of subjects, including but not limited to Management Principles, Financial Accounting, Marketing Strategies, Business Ethics, and Entrepreneurship. We integrate modern technology into our teaching methodologies, utilizing audio-visual aids, LCD projectors, and computer facilities. This enables a more engaging and interactive learning experience for our students.

Holistic Development:

Beyond the classroom, we encourage holistic development. Fieldwork opportunities and study tours are regular features of our program, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and broaden their understanding of business practices.
In summary, the Department of Business Administration stands as a beacon of quality education, nurturing future business leaders by blending academic excellence with practical industry insights and cutting-edge technological integration